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NET Traffic Meter 2.1.2567 Free

Control the velocity, traffic and output of your connection

NetMeter 1.1.3 Free

Show the transfer rate of data

iTraffic Monitor 1.0 Free

Monitor outgoing and incoming Internet traffic

Jc Net Meter 1.1.1907 Free

Check the speed of your internet connection

BitMeter II 3.5.10 Free

See how your connection is being used with this upload/download monitor

Speedtest4free 1 Free

Measure your Internet connection speed & ping

NetWorx 5.2.7 Free

Bandwidth & traffic monitoring tool for Windows

NetSpeedMonitor Free

Monitor the bandwidth usage for you computer

TrafMeter 6.0 Trial version

IP traffic accounting utility, traffic shaper and packet filtering firewall

Crystal Internet Meter 2.0 Trial version

Use your Internet bandwidth to the fullest