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AppLocker 1.3 Free

Do you want to limit what applications can be used on your system? Application Locker is a simple

Lock a Folder 1.5 Trial version

Estelar Lock a Folder is a lightweight and easy to use window security program which you can use to

USB Flash Security 4.1.5 Free Free

USB sticks are pretty much ubiquitous, and there have been many examples of people losing them and

My Lockbox 2.8.2 Free

Do you share your PC with other users? Maybe they're nosy, or you've got files you don't want to

Free Hide Folder 2.6 Free

It often happens that we have to hide files or folders, especially when working on a shared

Folder Lock 7.0.3 Trial version

Folder Lock is an excellent, comprehensive folder locking program. If you have folders and files

Password Folder 1.1 Beta Free

Password Folder is a simple, efficient way to hide sensitive documents from prying eyes on your computer. Password Folder lets you lock files and folders so tha

Logon 1.0 Trial version

Logon is a handy security app that uses your face as the password to grant you access to the computer. In other words, Logon scans your face and saves it on the

McAfee Family Protection 1.1 Trial version

McAfee Family Protection is the perfect tool to monitor your children’s online activities when they’re using the computer. Internet can be useful and fun, b

Blink Pro 2.0 Trial version

Blink lets you use the most original and secure code to log in to your Windows user account: your own face, a unique password you can’t forget! Configuring an