Paper Valet 2.1

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Paper Valet 2.1

Paper Valet allows you to easily scan, categorize, store, and retrieve your bills, statements, invoices, receipts, and other documents digitally on your Windows PC using your TWAIN or WIA compatible scanner. Version 2.1.08 has Windows Image Acquisition support and the PDF file format.

Creates and manages a document repository on your file system

Documents are stored in a hierarchical structure under a folder called My Papers, which is filed under your My Documents folder. The location of the My Papers folder is fully configurable and you can even put your My Papers folder on a network drive for multi-user access.

Documents are filed by account and date

New documents are assigned an account and date. Documents are stored under a folder with the account name, and optional account number. The document is filed under the account name using the date. The file name is configurable and can include the account name, account number, an invoice number, and the date.

Automates scanning by bypassing the TWAIN or WIA user interface

Paper Valet works with both TWAIN and WIA compliant scanners. Most applications provide their scanning functionality through your scanner driver's user interface. This user interface is generic and designed to be used with a wide variety of applications, yet it has many drawbacks. Paper Valet bypasses the driver's user interface to speed up your scanning tasks.

Batch scan multiple documents

Setup categorization information for multiple documents and then automatically scan them to the correct location. Load your scanner's document feeder and kick-off a batch scan. When the process completes, Paper Valet will notify you with a marked tone.

A convenient explorer style view for browsing your documents

Switch to the View tab to browse through your documents. The View tab is tied to the Scan tab so you can quickly browse to the last scanned document. The View tab lets you perform tasks like renaming documents, moving documents, and deleting documents without leaving the application.

A median filter for removing noise in black and white scans

Enable this advanced noise filter to remove speckles while still preserving image details. The median filter works best with images scanned at 300 dpì or greater. In addition to cleaning up the noise, the median filter will also reduce the file size.

Documents are stored as multi-page TIFF or PDF files

Documents are stored using the industry standard TIFF file format or PDF — the standard file format of the Internet. Both formats allow for one or more pages and the pages are encoded using either CCITT Group 4, LZW, or JPEG compression.

Integrated image viewer

View your documents using the Paper Valetâ„¢ integrated image viewer. As documents are scanned, they are displayed in the image viewer's window. You can click on a document in the View tab to display it in the image viewer. The image viewer has built-in anti-aliasing to produce a clear and sharp image.

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